This style is again one of the oldest piece of garment of my cupbaord. I love the tradtional T-sleeves cuts, and these "patis" used on the side under the armholes.  These are the way north indian costumes were cut, straight arms, patis and in their center, front and back panels. simple. Off course I adjusted a bit this one base and opened the center into 2 sided wrappped fronts, a large nicelly bordered belt and a multiple border collars to confuse a bit more the orign of the all style. The cuffs have borders and pipings (2mm delicate voile contrasted colors) as a part of the collar also has. You can wear it either wrapped up on a high waist level abouut 5cm below chest or opened with a gentle knot in fromt. It a great piece to wear on a simple long balck or white dress for example, it usually doesn't need much more to it.
It's a colourful vest made of a mix of cotton and malmal (silk).
Leave it open or close it with the thin threads.. and feel the energy of these bright colours invading your mood!
Design is only in Gypsy Print... for now!