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An incredible assessment that will open your mind to your senses.

Understand what, why, and how your 7 senses structure and influence your life.

Get this surprising clarity for a happier life, improve mental health and wellbeing.



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Value and benefits

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Sensory Matrix online Self-assessment

  • Discover your sensory style

  • Learn about the 2 new senses of proprioception and vestibular

  • Acknowledge the impact of your 7 senses on your life

  • Adapt your habits and behaviours to be happy, healthy, and productive

  • Understand how your environment relates to your sensory threshold

  • Prepare and plan a support system to self-regulate with the use of Interiors Designs

  • An individualised well-being guide according to your DNA and your subconscious map

  • Non-biased results identifying your unique sensory needs 

  • Cope with daily stress and overload effectively 

  • Easy self-help and self-care strategies that work and can be implemented immediately.Non-biased results identifying your unique sensory need

  • Manage daily required transition with more insight and energy 

  • Easy, effective and simple solutions to cope best with your daily home- and work environment demands 

  • A must-have resource for personal and corporate wellness 

  • A fundamental support to design the ergonomy of your ideal space

Why don't you know how much you sensory processing drive your thoughts

Sensory Matrix™
take control of your life

Complete your online sensory style assessment to learn how to manage yourself and your daily environment best

You are unique in how you respond to the changes of the new world of work, the environment, and the stressors around you. Your genetic and inborn sensory thresholds, measured by the Sensory Matrix™, will determine how you navigate this new world.

This online, science-based assessment producing a 25-page report is all brain-based, revolutionary, easy to assess, and even easier to apply 

Perfect balance and harmony


An incredibly detailed 26-page report,

providing 3 practical types of strategies for each of your 7 senses.

This invaluable source of information will become a constant reference.

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Assessments & Debrief

SENSORY MATRIX ™ report alone

Thanks for submitting!

+ 1:1 debrief of 60mn.


About me

My name is Agathe Lazaro 

Agathe Lazaro has worked for 30 years in the design industry creating extraordinary retail environments, private interiors, fashion and home collections in France, India and Australia.  Agathe’s unique creative intelligence and rejection of “style recipes” has led her to collaborate with design leaders including Rajeev Sethi, Francis Wacgziarg, Aman Resorts, Sir Terence Conran, Agnès Comar, Tsé & Tsé associées and Alan Bilzerian. She is also the creator of La Maison Rose in Pondicherry, India, which has cult status as a retail concept store and has been featured in The World of Interiors.

In 2023, Agathe established a design practice based on Sensory Intelligence® Consulting in Australia. Collaborating with architects, interior designers, businesses, event producers and private clients, her design service takes a human-centred, sensory approach to designing and realising environments of enhanced beauty and style that promote productivity, respect, psychological safety, and evidence-based design strategies for deep well-being. 
During the COVID-19 lockdowns, Agathe’s passion for a deeper understanding of how humans interact and experience the spaces around them led her to study with pioneers in intuitive intelligence, nervous system polyvagal theory, biophilic principles and sensory design. She has weaved together her unique interior design experience with advanced qualifications in sensory processing to create a new kind of design practice. 
Through diagnostics and sensory maps, using Sensory Intelligence® Consulting, Agathe works with architects, interior designers and other creatives to support strategic decisions around colour, materials, soft furnishings and all aspects of the architectural/Interior experience and ergonomics. Her designs truly connect to the senses and fulfil the intention and purpose of the space. “I am driven by the desire to create the experience of beauty with our unique biology as its revolving centre.”
Early projects include re/designing home workspaces and virtual meeting/mise-en-scène backdrops and assisting clients with creative briefs for architects and interior designers. After her sensory diagnostics, clients find it much easier to consolidate decisions and complete project briefs, avoiding issues, delays and costs further down the building/design process. With each commission, Agathe’s goal is to bring a human-centred approach to all architecture and design: “so the environments we create to support our nervous system, ultimately creating spaces that heal, nurture, inspire happiness and expand our selves.”

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