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Interior Designs


When I met Francis Fry and discovered his beautiful eccentricity, I also got involved in the restoration of Rajjakad Estate, his inherited home, tucked in the Palani Hills, surrounded by 50 hectares of coffee, lemons and pepper plantations, paradise on earth. We redesigned the bathrooms, the garden, the furniture, the lights, the fabrics, everything. We dared buy Japanese silk crepe fabrics for the cushions, we got glass to specific colours, for the lights, and designed metal garden furniture, lights, weaved especially fish border bathroom towels ... and so on and so forth.

It was a great adventure, and going back for holidays is always been a blissful time.

La maison d'Antoinette

​This fabulous “mas” in Provence, tucked in the sunny side of the Alpilles, was acquired and renovated by a dear friend Antoinette Favresse.
While she came travelling to India, I developed a little collection for her bedroom linen.  The glassware brings a definite Indian touch, which warms up and transports the room a bit further again while keeping it very modern.
A perfect blend of vintage style bed sheets, in pure cotton from Bengal, cushions in Mushroo, traditional quilts filled with pure cotton, gipsy developed prints...
It was a delight to visualize the fabrics from South Indian and see them finding their perfect space in La Maison d'Antoinette.


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