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Unleash your 
Zoom Background's Potential !

Unveiling your True Potential, Banishing Boredom, finding Harmony and Finding Reliable and Nourishing Support.


Once the background is set...

Your Mise-en-Scène will have your back!

Agathe Lazaro Designs name and Logo

Did you know?

You could transform your

Zoom background

​to become a

reliable exceptional & bespoke support


for your

online business identity

enhancing your potential,

grounding you in profound alignment

with your values and purpose, supporting your work, your clients and

your deepest self.

Abstract Texture
" we receive
bits of sensory every second

11 million

of which we can process consciouly"


Abstract Liquid _edited-min.jpg

Is this Your problem?

You are in one or more of these scenarios

You don’t understand
the point…

We receive 11 Million bits of sensory information every second of which only 50 is processed consciously… No wonder you

don’t realize the influence of your surroundings. Your environment affects your mood, stress levels, and even your body's functions like heart rate. It can also affect the quality of your sleep, energy levels, focus, productivity, overall well-being, and capacity for happiness.

Why don't you know how much you sensory processing drive your thoughts
How do you know your zoom background is good and align with your branding?

You thing it kind of done!

You don’t have enough extra

time, energy, or financial resources to revisit the background of your video call. But now you wonder what information your background is sharing with your clients; about your credibility, clarity and trust of your service, your values and why, and finally how it reflects your commitment to make your client feel you truly care.

Create the real story of your background

Enrich Work Narrative

You might feel your energy is leaking forward and you can’t find a counterbalance, you lack enthusiasm and it is difficult to bounce back into creativity, or you might be feeling out of place and fatigued after the video calls.

You don’t know where and how to start and don’t feel confident enough as it seems to involve modalities that are beyond the scope of your design process.

Imagine if you could

Create a Mise-en-Scène of your zoom background attuned to your Intention and

supportive your work process more deeply than you could ever hope for.

The experience of Beauty

Choose beauty and align your work with its empowering suggestions.

A meticulous staging of your background that reflects your commitment to quality and meaning, asserting your credibility and grounding your self-confidence and the sovereignty of your expertise. 

The power of awe that beauty rallies in all of us

Reach a unique energetic balance from your background that constantly transmit information to your system to regulate your stress, your circadian rhythms, and your heartbeats, encouraging a feeling of trust, clarity, and safety, and offering an overall state of well-being both for you and your clients.

Connect with the symbolic landscape of your subconscious and the intention of your practice. Create a background that

resonates with this precious hidden information.

Allow this “tapestry” to harmonize with the subtle facets of your work, providing unparalleled support for the creativity and narrative of your service.

Vasculature of the Heart

Enriched Narrative

Perfect balance and harmony

Secure and Peacefull

Abstract Liquid _edited-min.jpg

So that you have:

An optimized Zoom background with Unlocked potentials

  • At the end of your work day, feel resourced, still full of energy to deeply enjoy the rest of your day with your friends.

  • Have connection & safety with your space; reduce the swings of your Nervous System from freeze, fight or flight states and hold presence & focus.


  • The symbolic language of your Mise-en-Scene reflects & enhances the power of your voice, of your purpose and promotes your creativity.​


  • To enjoy an elegant, harmonious, exclusive design, immense satisfaction, constant joy, & an immense boost of confidence.


  • Connect with your background as an energetical tapestry of your implicit self, available anytime to resource and replenish from when required.

Logo Aldbeyond.png

Your Zoom Background

YES! I want a bespoke Background, attuned & supportive of my client, my work, and me.

My work Background-min.jpg
 "The Beautiful offers us an invitation to order, coherence and unity.
When these needs are met, the soul feels at home in the world.

John O' Donohue, The Invisible Embrace.


What is the format?


To transform your background at your own pace.

3 Formulas

 You will gain a deep understanding of your space, and learn how to connect and enhance the decor to tune in more support and coherence, it will give you a TASTE of how deeply profound the changes can be.

This will happen over 3 sessions of  90mn each, spread over a min of 2 weeks.

Beyond the understanding gained during the Tasting formula, I will treasure hunt and prepare for you a detailed set of instructions along with a shopping list to completely REVAMP your background and make it happen.

This will take us over 4 sessions of  90mn each, spread over a min of 4 weeks.

This is the Absolute top service where I will do it all for you!

Beyond the experiences of both of the 4 sessions of Revamp, I will also take charge of the complete procurements of all the selected items to purchase! That is where my former career comes into place...





  • Session 1:


We will MAP your space, physically, energetically and symbolically. I will then take you through a meditation to download your true professional intention.

  • Session 2


After an energetic down-regulation, we'll explore your various symbolic associations with various volumes, colours, lines, storytelling, and textures. Through this VISUAL JOURNEY, we will identify your unique needs and inclinations.

At the end of each session, you will receive the audio and video recordings of the work we did together.

Session 3:

  • I will explain my evaluation of your space in relation to your system.

  • your will discover your bespoke unique Mood board

  • I will share propositions and though to continue the journey at your own pace.

This will happen over 3 sessions of  90mn each, spread over a min of 2 weeks.


Session 3:

Beyond the TASTING formula:

  • You will have a detailed shopping list and budget to facilitate your purchases. 

  • I will give you a 3D rendering of your space with selected items.

This will happen over 3 sessions of  90mn each, spread over a min of 2 weeks.

Session 4:

  • Once you have implemented all the new design decisions, we will have A 60MN time space to REVIEW how it affects you, your work and your client.

  • During this final session, we'll discuss any necessary ADJUSTMENTS to your new space and I will propose final tweaks.


Session 3:

Beyond the REVAMP formula:

  • You will have personal access to Programa software online where you will be able to streamline the   PROCUREMENTS' workflow.

  • I WILL DO IT ALL, almost!

  • Setting it up will be your but also part of the integration!

Session 4:

  • We'll REVIEW and talk about ADJUSTEMENTS for the new design set-up as we do in the REVAMP formula.


Where is your focus?



Personalised background
Relaxation & Stress Reduction
Deepening Identification & curation 



Establishing credibility & trust
Unique tastes & aesthetics - Design & Fashion



Influence of environment on well-being & stress levels
Remote calls cycles creating shifting of states
Need of professional relevance, pleasing aesthetic, brand consistency, & technical considerations.
Implementation of the principles, designs constrain, personal preferences, costs & ressources.
Self-expression through background

About me

My name is Agathe Lazaro 

I have spent 30 years in the design industry, and in addition to my Interior design skills,  in the last 3 years, I am certified as an Intuitive Intelligence trainer from the Institute for Intuitive Intelligence created by Dr Ricci-Jane Admas, studied the Poly-vagal Theory of our nervous system according to Dr S. Porgès with Elisha Tishelle, and The Biophilic principles and applications to Interior designs within the institute of Luminous space.

During my design career in India, the unique and cutting-edge World of Interiors featured my home and business multiple times. My creations have sold to more than 11 countries across 3 continents. Casa Brutus, guest-edited by Sir Terence Conran, celebrated Oh La l! distinctive New Delhi boutique. In Pondicherry I team up and creatively established and directed "La Maison Rose", which features a restaurant and three boutiques.

After 24 years in France and 24 in India, she shifted in 2018 her family to Melbourne and today it is the unravelling of the 3 last year of her deepening into the Design & Creativity Process.

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The process so far has been revelatory in helping me understand more about what I need to not only feel safe in the environment that I work from but how to thrive in that environment.

Ricci-Jane Adams,

Principal and Founder of The Institute for the Intuitive Intelligence, Melbourne. 

Ricci testimial

I can let my work be regulated behind me and holding me as going to make a huge amount of difference in the way that I receive and just my own energy as I complete my day, that everything wasn't just out but that I was being sourced and held and supported. 

Elisha Tishelle

Founder of Elisha Tischelle and Co, Florida, USA. 

Elisha's timonial

For me as a designer working closely with another creative has been a really vibrant, productive process. delighted to recommend, again, to anyone who wants to have a really kind of thoughtful perceptive, but also super creative eye on their space as part of how they express themselves in their life.

Alice Cicolini,

Jewelry designer and Founder of Alice Cicolini collection, London.

Alice testimonial

This is  NOT  for you if...

  • You enjoy a virtual background that you can change according to your mood - and you don't mind the fluctuating edge around your hair and body.

  • You do not want to show anything about yourself, your values and professional intention keep privacy a priority.

  • You do not have a strong interest in Interior Designs or personalised aesthetics.

  • You are an extreme minimalist and rather have a completely blank background.

Abstract Liquid _edited-min.jpg



1280 $


2400 $


3700 $



A. Each Formula has a different duration.

  1. TASTING can be completed in 3 weeks -

  2. REVAMP involves you completing the installation, after the 3 weeks required to complete our first 3 sessions. Your completion should be done within 4 months to validate your 4th session. Beyond this delay, the 4th session - review/adjustments will need to be rebooked.

  3. ULTIMATE will involve all supplier's deliverables but overall should be completed within 3 months.


A. Based on years of designs, and the biophilic principles I can understand your space of different levels within being on the side. I will need the Initial booking form to be completed before the 1st Session of Mapping. This form involved a few dates and places of birth, the exact address of your space, orientation in your room and a small 260 video from your seat. 


A. Here is the Pinterest link:​.

Search your favourite images and SAVE as a board name of your choice.

To share it with me, Edit the Board (little Pen symbol at the bottom right of the board) and choose the + sign to add a collaborator. Select the link or enter my email add


A. Both Session 1 and 2 will reveal your space as you have never seen it before, It will guide you to understand how deeply you can connect with the elements that create your environment. You will be given some breathing and meditation work if you want to activate and enrich the processes of integration.

Not everyone needs to "add", but rather need space to be created and emptied so their own expression and power have room to move in!

We also can tweak your space and align it with what you have in hand, although in this context you will need to share images of items you already have so I know what we can play with. 

Finally - as we are focused on a background, it is also possible to invest small sums. 

In a nut shell - Funds should not be a focus, although it is more fun of course!

Embrace the


the Age of Biology

Use Neuroscience & Biolophilia

to create support that goes beyond interior design and anything you have imagined...



  1. I am a perfectionist - so yes I can promise you that you will have the best of me, every time! I choose from all my senses and more, I will dream of all the possible options and I will percolate all to your shape and state!

  2. Budget - we will define a purchase budget and I will work out the options you have within the range decided. I will also be able to give you an incremented decoration plan so you can modify the background in your own rhythm.

  3. Bespoke - I am a fierce and passionate treasure hunter, so my selection will not look like anyone else, nor any Interior Magazines trends.

  4. Intuition - Usually a hundred items I browse will be "jumping" out in connection to your profiling, so this is not a process with a "recipe" but a completely channelled bespoke curated decor.

  5. Don't DIY - If you are busy and want my full scope of action - you will choose the Ultimate plan. With this plan, you will have access to a personalised platform on "Programa" website where you will have access to the complete design process and updated timeline.

  6. New Understanding - with any of the three options, you will learn to connect to your environment with enriched tools, the recording of our sessions gives you access to a deeper process allowing deeper and more meaningful connections with your system and how you choose what you surround yourself with.


Although, it is up to you on how deeply you will weave that energetic tapestry between you and your background, the alignement of yourself and your work. 

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