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La Maison Rose 's story

Maison Rose
opened December 2011 

We worked for a  year to create a magic space, offer a unique experience in Pondicherry;  initiated a completely new degree of services, products, and atmosphere.

Poetic detail in the kids corner
World of Interior article
Chinese pot curtain
Indian funky kitchen pots
Petit Bateau transformations
Favorites of all time
Auroville Hammack
Bhopali dress for Girls
Japanese and African fabrics meets on our art deco chairs
Silk chiffon raspberry scarf with tiny sequins embroidered with gold thread, Islamic pattern, finish
Madras print kid kurtas
Sarouel pant for todlers
Lotus candle holder
Central room of La Maison Rose
Dec 2016, new corner.
Vintage lamps
Garden mood
Paper mache Busts, vintage tresors
La Maison Rose's Caravelle!
Domus mood
Enamel flower pot
Colourful silhouettes
Garden Furnitures
Retro chairs
Frangipani flowers
Oh La la! special Jewellery box
Special guest bouquet
Réédition of Anglo indian style  candle stand.jpg Hand painted, base in full clear glass
Verandha's and my favorite cows
Central room at La Maison Rose
Yearly cleaning of the bo
Circus fitting
View from the road
Lamp shade & stand
Restaurant backyard
Colourdul mood
Metal lamps from Mumbay
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