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Updated: Oct 4, 2023

My Shift - Or how I looped into a Spiral?

Biology paradigm of the 21st century

That is it!

My incubation felt as if it was never going to end; or at least complete "enough"!

Is this something you tend to do too?

- dragging on with fake perfectionism wanting to believe being in control is “good”?

- fearing not knowing enough and making it your intimate saboteur?

- staying in the illusion of safety - in the “getting ready phase…” and not jumping into the abyss of self-faith!

A couple of weeks ago, I heard myself giving advice to my younger son, and smiled after I told him:

“There is one very important thing my darling, you might feel there is still so much to learn about this subject (he had a presentation to his class about the Hijab), but you know for sure a hell more than any of your classmates!”

As it happens sometimes, I heard myself - smiling as the words and their intentions bounced back from the mirror, and wrapped me with a powerful and immense tenderness.

YES, there will always be more to learn, but today I can say that I know a hell more than most

and it is high time to stop hiding.

Some of us have the student archetype and they always need to be learning something.

As I am one of them, I know I will always devore new incoming information about:

  • What parts of our physical and mental bodies keep us connected with the constant incoming flow of information from our environment? How can we tune in and learn to understand this information’s flow, and regulate the quality of what we get ourselves through?

  • How can we integrate the knowledge of our ancient science through the filter of Biophilia and learn about living in harmony with our environment - given our contemporary mindset of 2023?

How will you understand that these laws are of the Essence?

How are these essential laws can guide us to live in harmony

– meaning living within a flow of constant support and nurturing exchange between us and our environment –

How can these laws be micro-distilled in our lives, in your space, your office exactly where your life happens and not only in a macro architectural urban framework?

Finally, and I believe this is the core gem of my curiosity: how do we co-regulate our nervous system with our Interiors?

  • If our lives are experienced through the adaptations & maladaptations of our nervous system, as it is the Ultimate Gatekeeper - what are these nervous system "swings" about?

How - when & where is our experience of life affected by these "swings"?

important information

We are always - everywhere & through a rich kaleidoscope of patterns...

If my system is in a constant inflow & outflow of information... could I design my immediate environment with a new purpose so that the elements that make the design of my Interior, are chosen with the purpose of actively supporting and nurturing me, to deeply heal, and as Elisha Halpin Tichelle says

“healing” as in to “ arrive into self, over and over again” –


step into my authentic self, feel empowered, creative, at peace and at service to the world around me.

As our society's paradigm changed, from the energy of Production to one of Information.

The 21st Century has left Physics and Chemistry to shift to a PARADIGM OF BIOLOGY.

It is time to create Interiors Design through this new Paradigm too...

But today - it is definitely time to share.

Next week I come out of my cave… with my new program: Release the Potential of your zoom background

Hang on there …..

Warmest hugs


PS. The terms “paradigm” and “paradigm shift” originated in “The Structure of Scientific Revolutions” by Thomas Kuhn. A paradigm can be defined as the generally accepted concepts and practices of a field, and a paradigm shifts its replacement in a scientific revolution. A paradigm shift results from a crisis caused by anomalies in a paradigm that reduce its usefulness to a field.

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