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Silver Stardust

Pick your Consultation.

I create spaces that prioritize well-being, promote healing, inspire happiness, and reflect your values. Let us enhance your life.

1 - SENSORY MATRIX  alone or with DEBRIEF - take the assessment alone or the package including a Debrief.

2 - MAKE SENSE OF YOUR SPACE - 1:1 consultation covering purpose, biophilic harmony, purpose and sensory regulation.




Sensory Matrix



Make Sense of your Space. 

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Something doesn't feel right, and you don't know how, what, and where to start. Let's dive in together, and I will give you. Practical solutions to make it rk.

Understand how your Seven senses influence your life and how you can regulate your emotions through simple strategies for your benefit and expansion. Do the assessment online and receive a 22-page report about your unique Sensory Matrix.

I can assist you in creating a beautiful and professional backdrop for your online work that will enhance your branding message. With my 30 years of design experience and a strong alignment, we can work together to create a classy backdrop that not only looks great but also supports you and your clients on a deeper level.

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