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HOW I HIJACKED MY FAMILY!! - Being Radical .

Updated: Aug 18

Or how to find the guts to SHIFT EVERYTHING, and START OVER, or FURTHER!

I truly WELCOME you to this space.

I DON’T KNOW where these newsletters will go, but I am certain they will be full of CURIOSITIES and threads FOR YOU TO PICK UP and start "weaving".

From where I stand today, it feels like I journeyed on a large LOOP, gathering what I was missing deeply.

Somehow, when the loop returned to itself and reached the landing stone of “creating interiors” again, it looked

BOTH as the starting point, as for a SPIRAL view from ABOVE,

AND NOT either, as when the spiral is viewed from the SIDE;

You witness that movement has been constant and that the landing stone is now CHARGED with rich meanings, and exciting and provoking purposes.


We were leaving for the sole reason of our kids joining the incredible schools of John Marsden’s.

True, it was a big leap of faith and a stubborn mind….😊 and we won the trophy for the farthest distance any family had come from...

Still in India, we had missed a flight and had to wait for a full extra week - (not my subconscious sabotage ), our 3 kids' rooms and life were packed, the house and studio too ... bored to death, suspended in a time that was completely unplanned, we were itching and scared to leave behind India, would she even let us go!

After 5 years with La Maison Rose in Pondicherry and 20 years of Design life in Delhi, I was done with the design world.

Deep inside, I yelled NEXT!

We arrived in Australia on June 4th 2018 from an Indian summer day at 40 degrees C. to Victoria states (A southern state of Australia), where it was minus 4 degrees Celsius outside; the kids had never heard the crack of a frozen lawn or seen their breath turn white...

YES!!! Our adjustment took quite a toll, and

Thank goodness!

both Candlebark & Alice Miller schools were INCREDIBLE SCHOOLS; the kids were blown away by their magic, and that balanced our wobbling….

Jumping a few months down the line, when my "tribe" seemed to have settled, and after an imposed physical reset ... I had a vision, an idea, a download, a heartbeat, a spark; however, we choose to wrap experience in words.

I wanted to put together, cabinets of bespoke soul's curiosities, a corner or a room, in a home, that could suspend one’s in time and space and allow an immediate and intimate connection with the deep self, the existence of our human experience beyond the identity of the self.

An altar to the unique beauty of a soul.

Believe me! I add many ideas about how these rooms would look like, too many!

But, I was also stuck ….

I wondered of course, HOW will I gather the information from that client?

How will I know the colours, the textures, the line, the stories that will RELEASE that freedom, that fluidity to attain that quality of space…..

Especially when the person itself is not conscious of them. 😊

I had sent that idea out in the world, I could see all these spaces and each individual in them, how they related, and how they felt supported by their room, their corner their "altar".

I was actually feeling the experience of being in these rooms and how to create them.

I had sent the dream out …

And that is when the gathering started…

Off course, I am still walking the path to that dream ... but I have gathered already enough to start sharing, and if you are now curious, keep on opening these newsletters!

With so much love ❣️

Agathe Lazaro

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