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I AM BACK! - Re-Orientation.

Updated: Aug 18, 2023

Rekindled Passion: Join me on a journey to Unique Design Cosmology


I'm BACK at Agathe Lazaro Designs, more INSPIRED than ever!

After a little AUSTRALIAN loop to school our kids in a gorgeous School I finally found my way surprisingly, back to Design with renewed DESIRE.

Today, Exists a deep collective intention to understand the WHY of our lives and how to create Meaning.

From 25 years in INDIA to AUSTRALIAN Victorian state... amidst my own struggle with the Vanity of Designs,

I embarked on a transformative journey


I'll share my odyssey, leading me back to the extraordinary realm of creating captivating environments, and stunning decorations, and how to create YOUR OWN DESIGN COSMOLOGY.

I am so proud and excited as we embark on a truly unique approach to your interior design process, using tools such as :


the 14 patterns of BIOPHILIC principles

and the Nervous system POLYVAGAL THEORY of Dr Stephen Porges.


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