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GATHERING ONE - Intuitive Intelligence.

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

How Intuitive Intelligence changed my perception of Interior Design.


Catching the flow of my thought from my last email...

This gathering landed on my doorstep the day a friend took me to the 7 Sisters festival.

Buckled up under a wet tent (of course!) I wondered 3 days in Wonderland... triggered with constant headaches but determined to attend all the events I could physically fit in one day.

I felt like a SNAIL SLITHERING OUT OF MY SHELL… 🐌 risky but essential.

This is where I met Dr Ricci-Janes Adams principal of the INSTITUTE FOR INTUITIVE INTELLIGENCE in Melbourne, she was to be my teacher from then onwards.

While we bubbled during the 3 days of the festival, COVID-19 landed in Australia.

The day we all packed and drove back home WAS THE DAY OF THE 1ST LOCKDOWN IN MELBOURNE.

Symbolically, I felt we were sent back home to revise our copies….!

During this 1 year of constant lockdowns, (Melbourne had the highest number of days locked in the whole world) – I gathered with women often more than 9 hours a week for intense workshops.

My first assessment was titled DOES MATTER EMANATES FROM CONSCIOUSNESS? 🪲

WE ALL CHANGED our life rhythms. Our morning became rituals embedded with long mediations, tapping practices, chanting, visualisations, challenging our imagination and our intentions, challenging all the beliefs we had gathered so far … in our lifetime!

As we learnt about the sciences of Intuition, revisiting Plato’s school, the principles of quantum physics, and the traditional and contemporary vibrational medicines, amongst others, we pulled the carpet we had walked our lives on, QUESTIONING EVERY FOUNDATION.

We embraced our individual sacredness, and WORKED AT IT, WITH FOCUS AND INTENTION.

Through a zillion hours of Zoom meetings, we learnt to LAND IN OUR ENERGETIC FIELDS and in our energetic fields and the fields of our fellow students. We DISCERNED ARCHETYPAL FEARS, CHANNELLED SYMBOLIC STORIES representing energetic blocks, re-membered their emotional source and CREATED GATEWAYS TO DEEPER HEALINGS.

By working with archetypes and the language of the symbolic, we BECAME GUIDES towards more intuitive states of awareness.

This perception starts from UNDEFINED FEELINGS, such as when you enter a room where an argument just quietened, and you feel a peculiar weird loud silence. In essence, it is simply your energetic field (high-speed vibrating atoms) interacting with the energetic field of the conversational emotions shared in the room, THE NOTHINGNESS THAT SURROUNDS US ALL.🕸️

You just feel these spaces' ATOMS CHATTING with yours, as your body is built to sense them all.

This perception is at its infant stage, untrained, raw. LIKE EVERYTHING ELSE YOU CAN REFINE IT, you can exercise it as muscles so it becomes more powerful, more endurant.


This training gave me a CLEARER CONTEXT for my creativity and sensibility to INTERIOR DESIGN, it fell into place.

How else would I foresee the next year's colour, the language of prints, patterns or the next desired shapes?

Why would despise Houses Interiors COPYCAT magazine articles, and always be determined to CREATE AN UNIQUE MIXTURE of objects from vintage to new through cultural entwinements?

For an interior to MAKE SENSE, to be SUPPORTIVE, our individual essence needs to be projected, and encoded in the elements of decoration. Vice versa, each element's energy and archetype would mirror back in each person's essence.

If an element is made of living matter, energetic vibrations NATURALLY INTERACT, and if it is not made of living matter - then the symbolic charge – whether personal or collective needs to be a match and in ALIGNMENT.


We are all constantly interacting with the elements we choose to surround ourselves with.

Consciously – unconsciously - willingly, unwillingly.

It doesn’t matter, WE JUST ARE.

With so much love ❣️

Agathe Lazaro

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